Despite all these, the Chickle actually turned out to be something of a celebrated creation, making headlines with mixed reviews all over the world. Metro called it “deeply unsettling.” Mashable left their review on the fence, referring to it as “either genius or disgusting.” WideOpenEats described it as “everything you could want from chicken inside a pickle.

And even though the Chickle is not quite up to the heights that hamburgers and pizzas have gotten to, we can say that it is worthy of some applause as an act of innovation from the Grizzlies. However, they can hold off on the innovations from now.


You were expecting this next one, weren’t you? It is kind of inevitable to not mention avocados and lattes in the trendy world. So, it is little surprise that the two eventually came to exist as one. We introduce you to the Avolatte (more clever portmanteaus), basically a latte dished in a shell of avocado. It was actually created as a joke but then, as these things tend to do, began to take off and gain popularity; and now, is even something of a phenomenon. We mostly have social media hype to thank for the widespread recipe.

Updated: January 30, 2020 — 5:24 pm

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