Yes, that is exactly as it sounds. You take some perfectly good fries and ice cream (slightly melted), and put them together to form something else (fries cream?). Fans of Wendy’s have helped in popularising the combo by constantly requesting fries dipped in a Frosty. Needless to say, everything about this is contrast. The sweet meets the salty; the hard hits the soft, and the hot meets cold. It is almost a war area in your mouth, with the two foods in a battle for the supreme reign. Maybe that is what has people so enamoured.


The unfortunate portmanteau is enough grounds for an argument on how much of a fail this food combination is. A Chickle is the crafty name for a pickle stuffed with hot chicken. And, we all have The Fresno Grizzlies, a minor league baseball team to thank for this, as they are the ones who came up with the Chickle for a match against the Nashville Sounds in 2017. Unfortunately –or fortunately- for fans of this food, the chickle was only made available for two days when the teams played against each other.

Updated: January 30, 2020 — 5:24 pm

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