Ask us for food combinations that make 100% sense, and we’ll reel of combos like burgers and fries, bacon and eggs and yogurt with fries. Some may seem a bit beyond the norm, but once you try them, you appreciate the taste and general greatness. For example, one might scratch their head at the idea of putting peanut butter and jelly together, or meat and fruit, or even waffles together with fried chicken. Others though, we truly think were thought up by a complete lunatic.

Just thinking about these combinations makes us scratch our heads in question; how were they even discovered? Who would think it is okay to try them? Why were they even invented in the first place? And in the name all that is good- why are they so popular? It goes against every sense and logic that pasts and ketchup be allowed to even come into contact; or the combination of marshmallows and a hot dog, or even more disgusting, soy sauce on ice cream. This is real life though, and these combinations do exist- because there is little logic or sense in the world.


Bustle actually claims that chocolate acting as a dip for pickles is not such a new concept. We are still unsure what ancient tradition introduced this disgusting practice, but we do know whoever did could have had some sense talked into them at the time. Delish writer, Lena Abrahams, actually popularised the trend of chocolate-covered pickles in 2017 when she wrote a piece on the internet about the combo. Since that time, people have actually given the weird food a try in large numbers. As to be expected, people have really diverse opinions on whether or not the combination actually tastes good, or if it’s a large fail (guess which opinion we have).

Updated: January 30, 2020 — 5:24 pm

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