Legend of the Dragoon Characters List 2019

Here is the list of Legend of the Dragoon Characters.

Damia had been among the Unique owner from the Azure Ocean Dragoon Nature. Your woman had been the actual most youthful as well as passed away throughout the Monster Marketing campaign As a Dragoon in Legend of Dragoon.

Dart Feld

Dart may be the primary protagonist from the Tale associated with Dragoon. Through the online game, he or she efforts to find vengeance from the Dark Beast with regard to wrecking their town as well as mother and father.
Emperor Doel

The best choice associated with Imperial Sandora. Emperor Doel looks for in order to overcome all Serdio as well as a guideline the actual property like a tyrant in contrast to their past due sibling, Full Carlo.


The top warden associated with Hellena Jail. Fruegel is actually dreaded through numerous due to their huge dimension as well as energy.


Greham may be the previous chief from the 5th Knighthood, that tricked their countrymen as well as wiped out Lavtiz’s dad. He or she right now offers the actual Jade Dragoon Nature as well as instructions the actual monster Feyrbrand. He’s faced in the Dragon’s Home as well as mortally injured in Legend of Dragoon Game.

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He’s the type of the actual spunky aged man. Additionally performs the actual grandfatherly determine and it is a difficult mma fighter.

Full Albert
Albert may be the Full associated with Tulsi as well as associated with Serdio. He or she is among the primary playable figures within the Tale associated with Dragoon. He or she is the Best Player in Legend of Dragoon it ties Dart following the passing away of 1 of the good friends as a result of the actual hooded guy.


Kongol is actually in the competition from the Gigantos within the Tale associated with Dragoon. He’s the actual ‘ninja-like’ from the celebration.

Lavitz Slambert

Lavitz may be the 2nd personality which ties your own celebration within the Tale associated with Dragoon. He’s part of numerous psychological times.


Lenus is really a Wingly who had been deeply in love with Lloyd. Your woman kidnapped after which required the area associated with Little princess Emille.


Lloyd is among the primary antagonists from the overlooked PS1 RPG, The actual Tale associated with Dragoon.

Melbu Frahma

Melbu Frahma had been the actual master from the enchanting competition the actual Winglies, a large number of in years past. He or she results to the present time for you to ruin the planet.


The legend of Dragon Meru may be the unoriginal ditzy woman in the Tale associated with Dragoon, having a concealed previous too. Your woman acquires the woman’s Dragoon Nature following beating Lenus.


Miranda is actually among 4 holy siblings associated with Mille Seseau. Your woman additionally eventually ends up assisting Dart as well as all of those another group.


The flower is really an unexplainable lady which seems at the start from the Tale associated with Dragoon. The woman’s darkish previous is actually continuously exposed towards the leading man.


Shana may be the whitened dragoon in the Tale associated with Dragoon. Your woman acts since the adore curiosity for that primary personality, Dart.


Legend of Dragoon Shirley had been the initial Whitened Metallic dragoon. Your woman seems in the direction of the start of the present day time within the Tale associated with Dragoon in addition to flashbacks towards the Monster Marketing campaign.


Throughout the Monster Marketing campaign, Syuveil had been the actual owner from the Jade Dragoon Nature. Syuveil experienced the loving as well as knowing center, usually learning regarding creatures’ life as well as fatalities. He or she had been probably the majority of kind-hearted from the unique Dragoons.


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Zieg had been among the 7 Dragoons throughout the Monster Marketing campaign in  Legend of Dragon game on PC. He or she, as well as Flower, had been within adore in that period.
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Above were the Top Legend of Dragoon’s Dragoon names if there is anything missing, please do comment below.

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