Legend of Dragoon Review and Walkthrough

The legend was born 10,000 years ago, the legend of dragoon start out in the same way as other RPGs starts but its a peaceful beginning. Legend of Dragoon is like a bloody war in a bid for freedom. the overall reviews of critic and user are positive.

Some of their appreciant said I got the legend of the dragon in hopes of satisfying my thirst for RPGs. it had fantastic graphics (for a ps1), an awesome story, and a dude in purple keeping a huge sword!! all that stated, I need to inform you: in case you began playing this back in 2000-2001, chances are you have not finished this sport!! absolutely, as I focus my 360, my ps3, and my Wii, I generally tend to cry at how far games have come, yet how unsatisfying next-gen RPGs are. I pull out my ps2 and pop in the legend of dragoon and I am lower back in 2001 with my psx experience!!

this is the exceptional ps recreation I’ve played for now. I favoured the snapshots, the sounds, nearly the whole thing approximately the sport! I am hoping once they make every other one then they might not screw it up like whilst halo 2 came out and plenty of people said it was hyped up.

really placed the great RPG ever to be put on this earth. the pix is innovative for its time and the addition machine made the turn-based combat machine that rather more interactive. desires a sequel.

this one has it all — a progressive combat interface, a sweeping story and some of the most fantastic images visible in a PSX RPG. quite clearly, it is a should-buy for any console RPG enthusiast.

The Legend of Dragon Walkthrough

The Legend of Dragoon is a role-playing game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation.

The legend of dragoon is a ps 1 JRPG from Squaresoft that consists of four discs that span a total of 60 – 70hrs of play time. This ROLE PLAY GAME is very cinematic in its battle system, maximum attacks even as in dragoon form take 30 seconds or greater to working which is what you’ll be spending the maximum of it slow doing while gambling the game.


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